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 Welcome, Welkom, Wamkilekile

The amazing people, places and projects at the tip of Africa invite you to come see, experience and contribute to the many opportunities to do something meaningful. Leave loving footprints on your heart……arrive as a foreigner; leave as a friend.

Your mere presence in our city will change your world, our world and the world of our partner projects.

Come lose your heart in Africa, find your soul & make friends for a life time!

  • Our projects NEED your time,
  • Come share & exchange skills.
  • Our people will embrace you…
  • be challenged by the contrasts and awestruck by its natural beauty
  • You will fall in love with our city and its people

We plan enjoyable experiences through meaningful connections with local people and a greater understanding of local, cultural, social and environmental issues. You will encounter inspiring examples of impoverished communities doing amazing things i.e. growing veggies, turning waste and recyclable materials into recyclable art. Cape Town is truly a tale of two cities…shacks and chic; stunning locations ranging from beaches, mountain tops, mountains and game farms, enjoy the multicultural cuisine of the Cape and it’s …great weather which extends to 39 weekends as opposed to the UK 13.

Why are volunteers, interns needed?

Boasting abundant natural resources and excellent infrastructure, South Africa bears all the hallmarks of a highly developed country. However, considerable economic and social problems remain from the apartheid era and unemployment figures are high.

Extreme poverty in rural areas drives people to the cities in search of employment. Fifty seven percent of the population now lives in overcrowded urban areas and one third lives on less than US$2 a day.

Despite proactive government policies, almost 10 million South Africans live in poverty housing in vast informal settlements known as townships. Occupants of townships often live without adequate services in overcrowded shacks pieced together with cardboard, corrugated iron and scrap wood. Twenty percent of South Africa’s population is infected with HIV/AIDS. South Africa has many AIDS orphans and vulnerable children, many of whom are living in appalling conditions. So many challenges, despite all the good policies, we can’t do this on our own…we could do with more helping hearts, hands, wallets. Please come help us build a better world for all.

 Latest News

African Voluntourism urgently needs interns for the following programs:

  • YSC Youth Trust - Marketing Campaign Manager

  • SMME Business Consultants

  • and more... Enquire

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Thank you for your wonderful hospitality, you made my stay in South Africa truly memorable. Please keep in touch and keep my room for 2010!
Rachel, West Yorkshire

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Who can volunteer?
Any individual who agrees with the UN declaration that “We the people” have the power to change the world.  Read more


Why Homestays?
The experience that volunteers gain from staying with local hosts rather than as a whole group in a hotel, hostel or digs gives you far better insights into life in the host community.  Read more

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